Telart (2001-2010) is a series of installations and interventions in personal, public and art spaces centered around exploring telecomunication practices as an artistic site and medium.

Targeting audiences in Bergen, Tromsø, Oslo and Stavanger:

TELART (2001)
Overnight, telart attacted 10.000 mobile phone voice mails, delivering 100 different micro compositions by a select crew of norwegian and international composers and sound arttists:  Otomo Yoshihide, Maja Ratkje, Trond Reinholdtsen, Kaptein Kaliber, Jørgen Knudsen, Bjørnar Habbestad and Jørgen Træen. The audience was invited to comment on the project on a dedicated voice mail.

TELART academic (2002)
A four channel sound installation juxtaposing the compositions of telart with answers, comments and replies collected from the telart audience of 2001.

TELART kunsthall (2004)
As a part of the much debated show DETOX, telart took the shape of an art automat – enabling the art audience of Bergen kunsthall to spam unknowing mobile users with surreal voice messages. All spammers were photo documented in the act.

TELART automat (2006
More than 1000 people left messages at telart_automats commenting on issues ranging from gossip and declorations of love, to moral philosophy and social activism. All these messages were distributed to anonymous telephone users in the Stavanger erea, as well as being used in a sound installation at Tou Scene.

TELART mkII (2008)
A revised version of telart_automat appeared as a part of Urban Interface, curated by Susanne Jaschko . The project targeted the area between Grünerløkka, Tøyen and Grønland and attracted a large amount of participants.

TELART kadaver (2010)
Bergen Art Museums 30 years retrospective over the Bergen art scene , BGO1, included a new version of telart, where nearby public phones were hacked to record messages for relay in a gallery installation.

telart at bergen kunsthall