A collaborative composition for amplified instrumental quartet with live signal processing and multichannel diffusion by LEMUR and Benjamin Maumus.

Bjørnar Habbestad : flutes
Hild Sofie Tafjord : horn
Lene Grenager : cello
Michael Duch : double bass
Benjamin Maumus : sound processing and diffusion

Mikrophonie invites the audience into the body of the instruments, targeting the most intimate of listening situations between an instrument, a performer and a listener by using headsets as an integrated part of the listening space. Through carefully placed microphones at different locations on and in the proximity of the instruments Lemur creates a sonic microscope, performed, mixed and diffused in real time. The piece challenges conceptions of instrumental, electro-acoustic and social space, setting all these components into play through a balancing and manipulation of real and virtual sonic rooms.

2013 Toulouse, Festival de Autumne
2014 Albi, Journée Electrique
2014 Oslo, Notam
2014 Bergen, Lydgalleriet