Lemur : IIIIIII (2010)

Bjørnar Habbestad • flutes
Hild Solfie Tafjord • french horn
Lene Grenager • cello
Michael Duch • double bass

Recorded in Grieghallen Studio by Davide Bertolini, mixed by Bjørnar Habbestad at Steens Offset and mastered by Bjørnar Habbestad and John Hegre at Duper Studio.

Lemurs album “IIIIIII” is a document from their debut tour: recorded in one session at Grieghallen Studio and presented in its original order. These seven tracks portrays an ensemble on the edge of defining a new sound and their musical identity.

Throught the tracks, the four musicians unite as one sound-generating body, manipulating their instruments into making sounds one would believe to be electronic. The result is a music defying old or new esthetics, but instead searching for the ultimate sound experience using these exact instrument in the hands of these particular musicians.

Although making a clear contrast to “the northern sound” of Norwegian jazz – “IIIIIII” brings beautiful soundscapes side by side with frantic phrasing and inspired solo playing.