Lemur : Aigean (2013)

Recorded in Greighallen by Davide Bertolini
Mixed by Davide Bertolini and Bjørnar Habbestad.
Produced by Bjørnar Habbestad.
Mastered by Jørgen Træen.

”Aigéan” is Lemur’s awaited follow-up of the acclaimed debut ”IIIIIIII” from two years ago. Continuing their work to develop an improvised chamber music with an emphasis on sonic experimentation and ensemble character, the ensemble delivers a darker and more fragile album. More open to explore the particulars in each piece, the ensemble seems to strenghten their sound and delivers a truly insisting and strongly crafted album.

Lemur has found their position as one of Europe’s truly original improvising ensembles. The four instrumentalists combine their work from classic composition, noise, chamber music and free jazz making a highly surprising and unique blend of contemporary sound and attitude. Since their first performances in 2006 the ensemble has done a series of tours in Scandinavia, Europe and Asia – to great acclaim.