Critical Band

A site specific composition for ensemble and reverberant acoustic space.

Bjørnar Habestad
Hild Sofie Tafjord
Lene Grenager
Michael Duch

Described as negotiation between a site, a group of musicians and a score, Critical Band is tailored to the venue of each performance. For each and every performance, Lemur will analyse the acoustics of the specific hall to define chords, melodies, instrumentation, placement of the musicians as well as the overall form of the work. In effect the work is redefined or recomposed from a meta score – a set of procedures and algorithms that conditions how to approach the work.

Critical Band also addresses the integration of improvisation in composition. Material, ideas and structures from  Lemurs practice as an improvising ensemble is turned, twisted and reshaped for use in an ensemble context.

Trondheim, Nidarosdomen
Bergen, Korskirken
Oslo, Sofienberg
Reykjavik, HarpaKöbenhavn, Literaturhaus


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